Tutorial Discussions and Further Ideas

This morning, we had our first tutorial of the year to discuss the brief in general with our tutor and so she could see what sort of ideas we have been thinking about since reading it through the evening before.

Before the tutorial, Brit and I were discussing more about what we had been talking about yesterday and how we need to keep going back to the term “Multi-Generational” as this key to getting things right throughout the whole competition. We spoke about the split-leveling idea I had and how an American-loft would work quite well, or how either a small number of rooms, three or even one, could also work and have various adapting elements.

During the Tutorial:

  • Future living; families living together – married couple with children and looking after their parents – “full-house”
  • Doesn’t necessarily need to be site-specific, but could be useful for using a building as the ‘back-drop’
  • Elderly will need hand rails, ramps, stair lifts and disabled features throughout for safety
  • Most people would be down-sizing
  • What about an illness? How would they live?
  • Could a nursery be switched into a home office?
  • Do we need to think about any sustainable features for a greener future?
  • Less lawn, easy access to the shower – we want them to be able to age gracefully
  • A refilled nest, “gerontological” (the study of old age and the stages of ageing) – we are “designing for the third age”
  • Must be future-proof as if predicting the living-design future
  • Think of who you are designing for …
  • They all have a communal space in common – how does this change over time? – and personal space
  • The elderly and young children have similar living environments
  • A good approach to the competition is through a “visual study” – beautiful images
  • Do you want to tell a story through your five images?

After our tutorial, Brit and I sat down to further discuss our approach to the competition having been talking about the various things above and we have decided to present our five images as a storyboard – similar to memories and nostalgia – with an elderly man or woman looking back through the stages of their life, so it will go backwards. We think we should include a common illness in elderly people which affects their memory etc. We now need to consider how they live with such an illness and the various safety precautions we would need to include.

Hopefully, we will show how things change and evolve through the years in our five images.


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