Tutorial and Pushing our Ideas Further

Today, we had a tutorial to discuss our initial ideas, research we have done and also the site visit yesterday to see whether it was useful for us (and whether we would actually like to use one of the rooms as the back-bones for the project). A lot of things came up in the tutorial which were useful for us to discuss afterwards …

  • What might each generation do in the space? How would they use it?
  • Technology.
  • Active Ages.
  • Micro-living.
  • Adapting to changes over time – how do thing evolve?
  • INward living. Intimate space.
  • How does it facilitate activity?
  • What do you need in each moment / generation?
  • Futuristic features => but keep the historic bay windows.
  • You need to solve a problem. Determine what the problem is, and solve it.
  • Push the concept.
  • Establish an action plan.

Following the tutorial, Brit and I started to talk about what had been said, whilst going over our notes. We were extremely confused, and very unsure on our initial ideas – whether we should carry on with what we had already been thinking about.

After what seemed hours of confusion and putting loads of ideas and developments out there, we finally found our main focus and how we can move forward with the project.

Our Main Focus: The Bay Window

This is the one thing which can stay the same throughout all five images. The window acts as a passage to and from an enclosed space into the outside world.

We were thinking that our first frame could be a child playing outside with parents inside surrounded with technology.

The last frame would then be the original child but much older sat inside looking out of the bay window to somewhere they cannot go to anymore (possibly with illness constraints) because the advances in technology have made people become antisocial and dependent on these advances. We could also show the development of this person through the colour of their top.

We also thought further about how we could re-frame what you would need in the living space – what do different ages need?

  • Young Couple; Small office space, Relaxing space.
  • Young Children; Playing space, Interactive learning space.
  • Teenagers; Computer space, Relaxing space.
  • Mid-Life Couple; Small office space, Hobby space.
  • Later in life (couple or single); Relaxing space, hobby space, Interactive space.

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