Occupations Part 2; New Project Briefing

This morning, I was introduced to the new project for this unit; Occupations Part 2. For this project, we are to choose a ground floor space of two different buildings in Manchester – The Chaplaincy on Oxford Road or an office building on Charlotte Street. With the spaces, we then make the decision of either occupying the space as a hair salon or dental practice.

In order to decide which occupation to develop, we must consider a few things first. Such as; what sort of people are going to use the space? Who will use it? One is in the city centre and will attract more wealthy business-like people and the Chaplaincy will attract students as it is in the middle of the University of Manchester’s campus. The occupation you choose must relate to the context – where it is and who will be likely to use the space. You must take clues from the location – what makes these spaces unique?

For each occupation, there are a variety of crucial spaces we need to include…

Dentist (a more sophisticated option):

  • Reception
  • Waiting Room
  • At least two dental surgeries
  • Utility Room
  • Staff/Office Area
  • Disabled Toilet

Other things which may be included are:

  • Hygienist
  • Child Facilities
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Treatment Room
  • X-Ray / Lab Room
  • Records Room

Hair Salon (a more creative option):

  • Reception
  • Waiting Area
  • Washing Station
  • Cutting Area
  • Office/Staff Area
  • Store (hair dye etc)
  • Disabled Toilet

Other things which may be included are:

  • VIP Area
  • Child Facilities
  • Treatment Room

We need to think about the sequence of the space, and how a customer / client might move around from one station to the next. Medical rooms have a specific size in which they need to be (if not larger), and you MUST think of the ‘shop window’ and how people might be attracted to use your practice or salon.

Next, I visited the Chaplaincy on Oxford Road – as I believe this ground floor space is the largest of the two and would be more interesting to use for either occupation.


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