InDetail; A New Project

Today, we were introduced to our new project, “In Detail” (which is also sometimes known as the “Hybrid” project).

“The aim of this project is to create a diffused view of our conventional spaces by considering more an one programme.”

  • To make places that do not exist yet
  • The result should be a thematic hybrid space
  • The combination of compatible programmes
  • Define or merge boundaries
  • Emphasises and cultivates the differences between two opposing programmes
  • The two opposing programmes you select will act as catalysts for your hybrid space
  • Research and analyse each programme

The first two weeks of this project will be focusing on the Concept for our hybrid spaces by responding to them with a conceptual simulator that “investigates the moment in which these themes collide.”

  • Present your ideas/concept as a simulator to show how your space might feel like
  • Propose a physical experience of your hybrid space

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