First Ideas; Opposites

In Detail is a really exciting project which I can’t wait to get going with, but first I must think of some opposites in the hope of generating an exceptional concept.

Here are some of my opposites I have been brainstorming:

  • Asleep // Awake
  • Noisy // Quiet
  • Private // Public
  • Danger // Safety
  • Alive //Dead
  • Mature // Immature
  • New //Old
  • Diseased // Healthy
  • Past // Present
  • Ancient // Modern
  • Attractive // Repulsive
  • Young // Old
  • Fake // Real
  • Aggressive // Calm

Here are some programmes I have brainstormed:

  • Church // Atheism
  • Nursery // Old People’s Home
  • Pet Shop // Butcher
  • Sleeping Clinic // Fatigue
  • Restaurant // Butcher
  • Natural Life Observatory // Fur Shop
  • 5* Hotel // Sleeping Clinic
  • Brewery // Alcoholic Clinic
  • Famous Fashion Store // Second-Hand Shop

The one opposite which catches my eye is Fake and Real, I think this will be really interesting to explore further.


  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • A replica – copy
  • Not authentic or genuine
  • Illusion
  • Fraud
  • Mannequins – mannequin factory
  • Phobia of mannequins


  • True and genuine – fairtrade
  • People – they are alive 
  • The actual thing
  • Something having actual existence

I really like the idea of storing and making mannequins in a factory, so the opposite of this would be to store real people – like a prison.

But how can I make this different from just any other prison and factory?

From my tutorial today, I must push this further and fully interrogate my fake//real programmes. Researching mannequin designers will be a good starting point for this. Are there different types of mannequins? How are they made?


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