Research; Ralph Pucci’s Mannequins

Ralph Pucci is a mannequin designer who has been in the industry since 1976.

He tells us that mannequins have changed considerably in the last thirty years, they used to be more lady-like but now they are more active, abstract and sculptural. They are now more and more inspired by minimalism and the modern movement.

Mannequins are something that people aren’t used to, they are a piece of art in their own right and the industry is always taking new approaches to them.

Here are some of Ralph Pucci’s work:

Ralph Pucci Mannequins 2 Ralph Pucci Mannequins 3 Ralph Pucci Mannequins 4 Ralph Pucci Mannequins 5 Ralph Pucci Mannequins


These are some more modern approaches to mannequins:

Mannequins OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sculptural Mannequins

I really like the way mannequins have evolved in recent years to make them more pieces of art rather than something you showcase garments with. It will be really interesting to design a space where they are stored, but also exhibited.

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