First Simulator Ideas

Aim: To make someone feel fake and real at the same time. Uncomfortable and controlled.

Almost like a puppet, I think this will be a successful way in making someone feel controlled. With a mask they won’t know what is happening around them – they would only be able to see through a small eye-hole (so they are confined like in a prison cell).

My first idea is to create straps which can be worn on the arms and legs and are connected with wire or string so when you move your arm upwards, so will your leg/foot. This is so you think you are controlling yourself but you are not controlling every part of you.

My Tutorial:

  • Cloning… Are the people in the prison re-made in some way? How can you connect the prisoners to the mannequin factory. Push further.
  • Crash test dummies?
  • Alter ego – voodoo
  • Think about revenge / destroying possessions
  • Simulator -> How can you simulate duplicity? 


From this tutorial, I must finalise my concept of what happens in my hybrid space in order to successfully simulate it.


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