InDetail; Site Visits

Yesterday, the buildings we are to choose from for this project were revealed. The Cornerhouse on Oxford Road and Mynshull’s House on Victoria Street (behind Harvey Nichols) – both in Manchester.

So today, I spent the day visiting these buildings to get a better understanding of their style – as they are both extremely different – and to hopefully decide which one would be best to use for my hybrid space.

Mynshull’s House (The Hanging Ditch):

  • Behind Harvey Nichols, very close to the Cathedral and central Manchester
  • Grade II listed building, dated 1890
  • Made of red sandstone with terracotta embellishments
  • The Hanging Ditch wine shop on Victoria Street occupies half of the building, the other half is offices

IMG_4857 IMG_4864


The Cornerhouse, Oxford Road:

  • Excellent location on Manchester’s busiest Oxford Road, next to the train station
  • The Cornerhouse is a centre for cinema and the contemporary visual arts
  • The main cinema building




Although Mynshull’s House has more character and history, the Cornerhouse has far more space to play around with – there is also an option of making a whole new first floor. My first impression is to go with the Mynshull’s House because of this, and would be more challenging to make work – especially the narrowest parts at the top of the building. In a tutorial tomorrow, I am hoping the floor plans will be revealed and some building restrictions are introduced.


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