InDetail; Building Tutorial

Today, our tutorial was about selecting which building we are to use for our hybrid spaces based on the floor plans of the buildings we visited yesterday.

We were told to tailor our concepts to the buildings to make it work.

The Cornerhouse has a lot of positive aspects for me to use in particular, first being that it is a much larger building to work with (so I could include a lot more than just a factory and a prison – more depth to the hybrid space). You can create a whole new first floor and have double-height balconies (this would be excellent for the prison cells) and you can have multiple access points.

However, Mynshull’s House is much smaller but over five floors. There is basement space available, and you could link the floors very creatively (if done properly).

I now need to look over the plans more closely and work out which building would work better for my concept.


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