Conceptual Tutorial

Today we had a tutorial which was designated to the concepts of our spaces, so looking at the two opposing programmes we have chosen to explore for the project.

For the prison, rather than holding people there for a large amount of time, I was suggested to think about a ‘halfway house’ perhaps for people who have been convicted of a crime but haven’t been sentenced just yet. Also exploring DNA and the forensics side of making mannequins would be of great help to develop the mannequin factory better and to make it more exciting.

I could perhaps look at how the data / DNA can be exhibited and link this to missing criminals and how they get found.

Could the prison now be a recording place for DNA and the mannequin factory a place to exhibit this? However,  I don’t think this fits the brief of the project as they aren’t opposite programmes – they are very much similar and connected more than my original concept.

The tutorial today has confused me as to what exactly I should be planning for for my schedule of accommodation and ultimately in the building I have chosen – The Cornerhouse.


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