Research; Alcohol Recovery Centres

For the opposing programme of my new hybrid space, I have chosen to do an alcoholics anonymous / alcohol recovery centre.

Bristol set up a recovery centre for young intoxicated people for the Christmas and New Year period of 2013 as a way to ease the pressure off the emergency services, which is an excellent idea and I think Manchester could really benefit from something similar. The scheme is run by the police, ambulance service and health organisations. You cannot stay the night there, but the centre provides intoxicated people the safety and support they need until they can look after themselves or have a relative or friend to look after them.

In London, there is a similar centre which has been set up in Soho to treat people who have had too much to drink which in turn, helps to free up hospital beds. St. John’s Ambulance have been considerable volunteers to make the centre work, as well as having up to five ambulance staff members to monitor the patient’s blood pressure and blood sugar levels allowing them to sober up. In the meantime, family members or friends are informed so they can be discharged and taken home.

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