Unit X; Finalising My Idea

From this morning’s tutorial, we established that it would be best for me to create a full building section but make it look more like an illustration by looking at the structures of the building – floors, ceilings and foundations etc.

From this section, I can then zoom in to the Ground Floor to then show the wall structure which I have designed in my scheme to sell and exhibit the Champagne. Hopefully, I can then produce some technical drawings on Vectorworks and produce a model out of wire (as this structure would be made out of metal if produced in real life).

The next stages for developing this new project is for me to know EXACTLY what I am to do (however I think the above is very close to a “final proposal”, research THOROUGHLY my idea and various styles I could try and make my own, and start PRODUCING / DOING.

In everything I decide for this project, I need to have a clear and CONCISE reason as to WHY I am doing or producing what I am. Why have you chosen to do this? Why have you chosen that material? Justify everything you do.

Over the summer, I will continue to develop my own drawing style ready for my Third Year in September.


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