Today’s Tutorial ~ 18.03.2014

In this morning’s tutorial, the majority of us were focusing on our sections for this four week project, so there was a great deal of information regarding the details of them and how is best to go about them.

Things to look at and bare in mind:

  • Materials – look back to the materials presentation last week for more ideas of textures etc
  • Interior feel – what are you trying to show in your section
  • Detailing of the doors and handrails (look at
  • Look at The White Book by British Gypson for some detailed sections

Technical notes:

  • Allow up to 220mm for “structural space” as floor / ceiling
  • 1:20 sections will show more of the structure – aim for this scale, and check what size sheet it fits on
  • Everything needs to be divisible by 300mm
  • Glass panels – how large can these be?
  • Balustrades need to be 1100mm, not 1000mm
  • Skirting around doors etc is either 50 or 70mm – if there’s a kick-plate on the doors, make the skirting the same size/height – 150mm

There was a lot to take in today, but all very important in getting our sections right – with the attention to detail and construction. I have a lot to go on now to make my section even better, which I am excited to get going with – we established that it could be best for me to draw up a new section cutting through the building differently to show more of the exhibition/selling space (which is what I will be producing technical drawings for, and making a model).


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