An Update

After a whole day working on a new section, I thought it would be good to share with you my progress so far (bare in mind I started with a blank page) …

Unit X Section - End of 18.03.14


The new section cuts through the building in front of the existing wall which normally is present throughout the whole building (if you look back at my first attempt here, you will see the main existing wall), so now you can clearly see the exhibition/selling area on the ground floor.

I think this new section works better as a whole – you will still be able to see many aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous (more clearly than previous sections) and the relationship between the top two floors with the rest of the building.

The next stage for today is to add more detail, finalise the flooring, add joinery, handrail details and make a start on the technical drawings of the selling / exhibition area in preparation for tomorrow’s informal Interim.


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