After today’s work, here is my section …

Unit X Section - End of 19.03.14


There are still a lot more details to be added, like more colour and texture and the details of the reception desk, chairs on all floors and refining the outside space on the top floor. However, I think I have made a lot of progress today to get this far into the section – fingers crossed the structural side of things are looking good so I don’t need to worry about that, and just concentrate on the materials and their textures.

I have also made a quick start on my technical drawings …

Technical Drawings


Very basic at this stage … The bottom set is looking at it from the Front (like if you were stood in front of it / or from the above section) without the added bottles. The next stage of these drawings, is to produce sets from the Left and Right sides, and Top view. I think I will try and make this 3D in Vectorworks if I can, but I will concentrate on the technical drawings first as I think these will be more interesting.


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