Final Exhibition & Reflection

As a reflection from the first four weeks of Unit X, producing my section and technical drawings, I have written the following as a summary …

The creative process I have used to create my final 1:50 section are as follows:

  • Research thoroughly the different types of sections I would be interested in trying – illustrative, technical and perspective
  • Decide the best facing section to show as much detail in the right areas of my final scheme – and re-draw in Vectorworks if necessary
  • Through tutorials pick up on as many tips as possible on how to draw a technically correct section (line thicknesses, details and ceiling/floor space between floors)
  • After all the technical parts of the section are finished, export from Vectorworks to then add textures and colours, people and background imagery to support the illustrative section research

In addition to my section, I also drew a series of technical drawings on Vectorworks of the display I have designed to exhibit and sell the Vintage Champagne made in the factory of my scheme. I have also made the drawings into a 3D version to show how it is to work, and to fully explain the display.

In these four weeks before the Easter holidays, I have learnt a lot about the construction side of sections. From doing this, and along with my technical drawings, I have become more acquainted with Vectorworks and Photoshop alike. Following the feedback I received from the last unit, “In Detail”, it was clear that my sections and visuals in particular needed more refinement and thought put into them to make my work more sophisticated. However, I took the opportunity to develop my knowledge on sections and the various construction details you can build into them as I think this would have been a much better learning curve to conquer before my final year in September. I haven’t forgotten about my visuals – these will be re-done over the summer.

I think the section I produced for this was a direct response to my feedback from the previous project because I addressed one of the concerns and I believe I have achieved a lot in the four weeks. I have done a lot of research into the types of section, research into how to draw certain things in a certain way to get as much detail in as possible, and as a result my skills have inevitably developed. However … creatively, I think my concept from the In Detail project before, lacked in depth and could have done with more refining – I think this would have pushed my whole project further and improved my visuals greatly.

Improving my skills was definitely an important criteria in this part of Unit X because we have been given four weeks, which we wouldn’t have been given otherwise, to further develop a particular skill which needed refining before our Third Year. The four weeks was more self-directed than I originally thought it would be and was a challenge, but an experience nonetheless for next year. The feedback and advice I was given along the way, through tutorials, was exceptionally helpful, and consequently I was inspired to continue with the work myself. I think everyone, not just myself, have benefitted greatly from being given the opportunity to take the time to improve our skills even further.

On Thursday 3rd April, we had a year exhibition – known as a “pin-up” – where the whole year exhibited their work which they had produced during the four weeks this project was allocated. Everyone’s work was fantastic because everyone had done different things, taken a different aspect of the normal sections, visuals and models. What I found particularly interesting was the ways in which people had done things – the sections were all different, the visuals had personalities shining through and the three dimensional work was outstanding. Few people had taken an aspect of their scheme and produce a large model of it – for example, Maria and Joe had made a light fitting which they had designed themselves – and they worked!! Julia had made an exceptional chair and foot stool which she designed specifically for her scheme, and Tammi had produced her stairs which was something she originally struggled with. I think everyone who produced sections drew them in different ways – some were more fluid with the design and others focussed on the structural details.


Range of work - sections and visuals
Range of work – sections and visuals
Joe's light
Joe’s light
Maria's light
Maria’s light
Sections - mine is top right
Sections – mine is top right

Following this, we were given the opportunity to nominated/vote for our colleagues in various categories. These ranged from, Best Visual, Best Section, Best Three Dimensional Work and Most Inspiring, to name a few.

I am delighted to say that I was nominated for Best Section and was awarded Second Prize.


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