Project Briefing ~ 28.04.14

Today was the first day back at University following a well needed rest of three weeks for Easter.

The next four weeks is a completely new project than before, and is also collaborative with Graphic Design and Textiles which is really exciting for us Interior Design students because there will be so many new ideas from different perspectives.

The new project is based around Brazil and the up-coming Football World Cup which is to be held there later this year. By collaborating with two other courses, one of the aims is to connect the National Football Museum here in Manchester with the only other museum not associated with a specific club – San Paulo’s Football Museum. Something that was heavily emphasised was that we should try and stay away from the stereotypical Brazil and try and see Brazil from all sides – positive and negative – as there is a lot of contemporary culture which is extremely important to them. Over 60% of the population is under 18s, which is an extraordinary statistic.

John O’Shea (from the National Football Museum), explained the brief below as well as explaining some of the history of the museum to us.

The Brief:

The World Cup takes place this summer in Brazil and at the National Football Museum we want to bring the energy, experience and theatre of one of the world’s biggest sporting events into the museum.

We are inviting bold proposals from students which truly engage out visitors in a particular aspect of contemporary Brazil. These can be in the form of creative interventions, performances, games, interpretation aids all of which contribute to bringing distinctive Brazilian twist to the museum experience. The work may involve creating an environment – or it could be a kind of trail throughout the museum. Equally, it could be a kind of social space.”


“Be ambitious with your proposal, and present your ideas in an innovative way. Your proposal should be clear, with examples of how you would expect it to work/look. These examples can take any form, but the panel will be impressed by presentations of a unique nature.”

Some key points explained:

  • The museum has 1,000 visitors a day, so in some way, how can we give them an experience of Brazil
  • Sounds, visuals, textures – think of the senses
  • Evoke a Brazilian feeling
  • Create a proposal – it won’t necessarily be made, so be ambitious and bold
  • Is it something people need to discover through a journey of the space?

In addition to the brief from John O’Shea, he also went through some key points:

  • Create something expansive, but also make sure to pay attention to the details
  • The museum opened in 2012 in the Urbis building
  • The museum has the best collection of artefacts in the world – the FIFA collection for example
  • They take people on a journey through football – national to international
  • Brazil showed the world how to play – after England wrote the rules
  • There are over 140,000 objects in the museum
  • There is a lot of space in the museum which isn’t always occupied

To end the morning of the first day, Lisbon-based design studio “Pedrita”, gave us a presentation of their experiences in Brazil when they visited to give us a better idea of what it’s really like over there.

During this talk, and number of Brazilian designers were mentioned, which most of us hadn’t heard of, which I have outlined at the bottom …



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