Site Visit and Workshop Afternoon ~ 28.04.14

After our briefing morning, we met our group members from Graphics and had an “executive lunch” which is so we can get to know each other better before starting work on the project. We were also introduced to our location – Federation House – which is an entire floor to give us a larger space to work, especially for up-coming workshops. Federation House is next to Shudehill Bus Station, close to Victoria Train Station.

First, we had a workshop which involved two images we previously found (as homework before the first day back). One image was to be generic – music, food, drink, ritual, even football, and the other should have a connection with design, architecture or art – and we also needed to know enough about them to be able to speak about them.

Here are my two images I chose to bring:

Rio Carnival

Above: Rio Carnival – held before Lent every year, dates back to 1723 and is the biggest carnival in the world attracting 2 million people to the streets, per day.

Rio Cathedral

Above: Rio Cathedral – built between 1964 & 1979 which holds 20,000 people, and is a completely different shape to Cathedrals I am used to seeing – so was a shock to see something completely different.

This is everyone’s work on the wall in Federation House:


Following this workshop, we went over to the National Football Museum for a site visit …


Above: Ground Floor – looking up on to the next floors.


Above: Glass details – exterior and interior safety measures


Above: Getting a better idea of the floor arrangements and the various balconies etc


Above: Wasted space either side of the staircases – lots of potential


Above: Staircases and wasted space put into context


Above: Elevator shaft


Above: Wasted space at one end of the museum – the pillar runs through the entire building


Above: Fourth floor – education / workshop space


Above: Exterior – could project onto the side of the building and make use of the exterior space in Cathedral Gardens etc



Above: Explaining exterior glass facade, and interior glass as safety

An exhausting and exciting first day back – lots of information to take in, and of course meeting and getting to know our group members better in order to collaborate together to come up with ideas, and eventually, a design proposal.


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