Brainstorming Ideas ~ 29.04.14

Today was mainly spent generating ideas.

After yesterday’s workshop, everyone’s photos were on the wall (we were split into two groups so we didn’t over crowd the museum), so here is the entire collection:



(Photo from

To start off, with more inspiration, we watched a short film on Brazil’s music scene which explained how they share music via MSN and online sharing websites – it’s easy and free.



(Photo from


After this, we were given an hour or so before lunch to start brainstorming …


From the video and general research, we found that Music and Dance is an extremely important part of their culture and as there is a big music scene in Manchester, so this could be a really good starting point and great link between the two. Music trail and sharing via USBs and CDs came into discussion – combining visual and audio qualities of the parties in the slums.

Taking particular spaces in the museum which we think have potential, we could use the pillars which run through one end of the building to cover them in various materials – each floor could be designated a particular area of Brazil so this invites people to experience the different locations.

Taking inspiration from The Humble Market, halfway through this trailer is an immersive taxi-cab which has projections on the windows to give passengers the experience of Rio’s carnival [ ], we thought about how we could give people an experience as you travel through the museum and between the floors – canopies over the staircases could be a good way to express this, like tunnels – but you experience a different location from Brazil on each wasted space either side of the stairs.

Something else which was quite heavily shown, was the use of recycled materials – could you make your own footballs in a workshop on the fourth floor?

These are all great starting points for a solid concept, but in order to narrow them down and back them up,we need to research thoroughly more about the overall contemporary culture in Brazil and idea specific …

  • Locations – football team host towns? Look into specific materials or niche for each location
  • Slums – look at the negatives in Brazil (crime etc), rich looking over the poor imagery
  • Brazilian Football Teams – what are they? Logos? Colours? Collect information and with these key questions
  • Music scene – popular genres over there, what are they? Are they any over-laps with any in England?
  • Videos in connection with the above music scene
  • Natural materials which come from Brazil – what are they? Where are they from specifically in Brazil?
  • Materials by location
  • Other installations of this scale – show that they are possible
  • Album covers – collect various one by genre
  • Look into the colours which are widely used
  • Beer – look into local beers and their logos
  • Look into Brazilian designers
  • Brazilian Football kit designers
  • Look at coffee bean producers in Brazil – where are they mainly produced etc

Whilst we were thinking of ideas and exploring their possibilities, there was a graphic design slideshow which was put up in the space, so we went over to have a look as this could trigger something else more interesting.

Sure enough, from the slideshow, we were inspired by Athos Bulcao whom is a tile designer but leaves the workmen to put them up in any order they see fit – however they make beautiful pieces of art.

From the tiles, we continued to brainstorm from them… Could the tiles be magnetic, which you can design in a workshop on the fourth floor, and put onto the pillars? Tiles could be everywhere – walls, floors etc and of team logos, made out of particular materials to link to locations (each floor needs to be different areas of Brazil).

Examples of locations could be, the rain forest – projection of trees on the windows surrounding the pillars.

After lunch, each group presented their initial ideas round a circle, and we were given valuable feedback and ways to go forward. We are initially using tiling as a way of producing pattern.


(Photo from

Following this, we went back to our groups and were given the task of explaining the idea in just one sentence…

“An interactive installation inspired by Athos Bulcao, using mixed media tiles to give a diverse representation of Brazil through the use of empty spaces of the museum and get the local Manchester community involved.”

We then pinned our sentences up on another wall, and read them out infront of the other groups.


(Photo from

An extremely productive day spent in Federation House – every group has a solid initial idea which we can all go and research thoroughly ready for a tutorial on Thursday.


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