Development and Tutorial ~ 01.05.14

This morning, our group met together an hour before our scheduled tutorial so we could share our research, and any other subsequent ideas. Here are some things we were thinking about before the tutorial:

  • What would happen if we layered up the tiles to make them appear 3D?
  • Recycled materials
  • Is sharing through QR codes still a good idea?
  • Magnetic tiles – for the proposal we can use magnetic photographic paper
  • Projections onto blacked out windows


  • Humidity ~ could we play with the temperature of rooms?


  • Cotton ~ hang from ceilings and cover the walls (this links with Manchester’s Industrial Revolution)


  1. Amazon Rain Forest ~ humidity, play with temperatures
  2. Salvador ~ historic city, stone, clay and raw materials
  3. Rio de Janeiro ~ modern/rich , poor , contrast of the classes
  4. Workshops ~ 1hour sessions, morning and afternoon

The big question – how can we get people from the top of the stairs to our installation area ?!

Tutorial Feedback …

Lots of points were raised from the Graphics tutors which are as follows:

  • Don’t use QR codes – extremely out of date and aren’t worth the time to set them up as not enough people will actually scan them – perhaps use the museum interactive knowledge to help with this
  • Good to see so much interactivity for the visitors
  • Don’t limit the scale of the overall installation – why only based around the pillars?! Why not use the entire museum?
  • Think about the size of the tiles – will they all be the same size or a variety?
  • At the moment, the idea is very passive – you need to enhance the idea you already have into something much bigger and really use as much space as you can
  • Bigger presence
  • Projected tiles? Vary the types of tiles, not just visual – interactive and fun

Development After the Tutorial …

We all thought the tutorial was good, with plenty of reasonable feedback – which we all agreed with.

Key thoughts:

  • Take over the whole museum – make Brazil take over
  • Ceiling – is slanted so we could use cotton and 3D tiles to make a massive impact
  • Footballer silhouettes with tiles?
  • Don’t limit the size of the tiles – could be as big as A1 or as small as a stamp. For the proposal – nothing bigger than A4, this will be enough to give them a better idea of our installation and visuals etc

As we now have a four day weekend, we went through the various jobs we need to do and figure out to be ready for Tuesday’s tutorial. The main things are …

  • Museum visit ~ get another idea of the space when there’s not that many people there, more photographs etc
  • Name for our exhibition etc? Our group name is Inavação Amigos (innovative friends), but we would like something different to this which will describe our installation better.
  • Tiles ~ start individually exploring ideas for the tiles, start making examples for the proposal – photos mounted onto board etc
  • For the proposal, we will need a model to show how the installation and our ideas will work within the space, so from the plans we were given in the tutorial, I will make the basic floor layouts out of mount board so when we know where things will go we can add to each floor. It will be a good step ahead so we don’t rush it a few days before the proposal next week

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