Model Progression for Final Proposal

As our proposal is in a week’s time, and we are having a rehearsal proposal later this week in preparation, we thought it would be best to start making progress with a model well in advance. As we would like to make Brazil take over the entire museum, it will be important for us to show this as a model, as well as other visual aids to help explain and portray our concept. We were given plans of the Football Museum at the end of last week, to start getting started with them – rough idea of where things should go etc.

I suggested to the group that we work out what scale they would be at, on A4 paper, so we can make a start on making the floors of the museum for the model. This way, all we would need to add are the various aspects of our design / installation to each floor, so this would inevitably save us a lot of time later this week before the proposal.

The plans we were given are scale 1:100 at A1 so I have worked out that the plans at A4 are (roughly) scale 1:300 (rounded up). On this basis, I have spent some time over the weekend printing them out and sticking them together to make sure they work and all line up – we can now use these to start spatial planning and deciding which areas to use.


Above: Making sure the plans stick together properly.

After, I printed the plans out again to get started with each floor. Originally, I was going to use white mountboard (which is about 2 mm thick) but looking back at some other models I have made out of this material, I realised that the floors have a high chance of bending – therefore, making the whole model distorted.


Above: Second print out of the plans and working out where the voids are within the museum.

As the white mountboard would be too thin for the floors, I found some thicker board which I think would be more suitable (which is about 3 mm thick).


Above: Arranging the floors on the thicker board to start sticking and cutting out with a craft knife.


Above: The set up – for cutting around the floors carefully with a craft knife.


Above: The final floors on the thicker board.

Having done this exercise early on, I think this will help us tomorrow when discussing which areas of the museum to use because you can see the voids clearly and the possible floor space.


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