Idea Developments and Tutorial

This morning, our group had a breakthrough with regards to how we would make the installation more of an experience throughout the whole museum.

We were looking at the Ground Floor space of the museum (the hall of fame), which looks up towards the other levels / balconies, and also the Cathedral of Brasilia – which Athos Bulcao worked on.


Above: Cathedral of Brasilia, the exterior.

Cathedral 2






Above: Night time exterior.

Cathedal Interior

Above: Interior of the Cathedral.

As you can see from the pictures above, the Cathedral of Brasilia is quite an important piece of architecture within Brazil, and it is an extremely grand structure with a phenomenal interior presence.

From looking at these qualities of the Cathedral, and taking inspiration from the structure, we want to propose not only the pillars covered in tiles (showing patterns and colours from Brazil, flags etc), but a grand structure of white cotton hung from the ceiling in the centre of the Ground Floor of the museum, which flows and connects onto the first and second floors – in addition to the Ground Floor – to replicate the spirituality of the Cathedral within the museum.

We will also cover the floor within the structure, risers of the stairs, the wasted space either sides of the stairs and floors throughout the museum of tiles.

The fourth floor of the museum will be designated to workshop space which visitors are invited to come and design their own tiles which can then be magnetically placed onto the pillars on both the third and forth floors.

The aim of our installation is to create a true experience of Brazil by using mixed media and traditional methods – through the tiles which have been inspired by Athos Bulcao, and the structure inspired by the Cathedral of Brasilia.

For our tutorial, we drew a plan and section to show our new structure idea:

Development Plan

Above: Apologies for the poor quality – this is our development plan explaining the cotton being hung onto different floors.

Development SectionAbove: Apologies for the poor quality again – this is our development section which further explains the plan above.

Tutorial …

Having got our firm idea, we explained it to our interior design tutor in our tutorial, these are some key feedback / notes:

  • Think about who will be making the tiles in the workshop
  • Have the cotton being hung from a ring rather than one point of the ceiling
  • What does the big structure represent? What does it mean? What is its purpose?
  • Look at how you can have the tiles on the floor
  • Branding – think about a logo, name for your installation and flyers/posters etc
  • Essentially, your installation grows from the ground floor up into the rest of the museum … – nicely done
  • Postcards? These are a good way of explaining your installation for visitors
  • EXPLAIN the structure and tiles thoroughly
  • An invitation – “You have been invited to … ” – to the football fans to design and make their own tile to get involved in the World Cup in Brazil through the museum in Manchester
  • Everything needs to be backed up sufficiently and have a true purpose
  • Spiritual link between the Cathedral and Football


For the rest of today and tomorrow, we have allocated various jobs:

Graphics – sort out flyers / posters / logo / tile designs (although everyone is required to design some for the real pitch on Monday)

Interiors – plans (Tammi) / sections (Tammi) / visuals (Danielle) / model (Me)


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