Research; Large Scale Installations

As some extra research, I have been looking at various large scale installations as a way of showing that those of a large size have been done before, and can be done in the future through our proposed installation. I have also tried to find ones where a particular experience has been created.

Sculpture on Ice

Iceberg by Gabby O'Connor

Iceberg by Gabby O’Connor gives an elegant yet dangerous presence within their ‘What Lies Beneath’ exhibition. ]

Capturing Resonance

Layers of Irisdescence from 'Capturing Resonance'

This installation is by sculptor Soo Sunny Park and composer Spencer Topel, the colourful and iridescent installation feels like a work of exquisite glass. In fact, Park created the undulating textile by inserting thousands of acrylic squares into chain link fencing. As “Capturing Resonance” was created in a window-filled space, different lighting makes the piece a constantly evolving palette of colour, shadows and reflection. ]

Arne Quince, Brussels, Belguim

Arne Quinze in Brussels ]

Technicolour Bloom

Twisted Design Tunnels

‘Technicolor Bloom’ is a collection of 1,400 intricately cut pieces of poplar plywood bound together with cable binders. ]

Space, Light, Sound and Drugs


There are no pamphlets or brochures in the installation, no pointing fingers, only a mind-opening experience and a chance to reach people coming for the installation. An opportunity to talk to people lured by architecture. ]

Packing Tape Spider-Web Installation

Packing Tape Spider Web Installation

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