Graphic Developments

Heidi from Graphic Design has come up with a great idea for a flyer / poster, which we look forward to feedback after tomorrow’s rehearsal pitch.

These are her development photographs …
Leaflet Development 4

Above: Flyer folded up which looks like a growing flower … Tiles cover the front.

Leaflet Development 3


Above: Inside the flyer – tiles around the edges and information / visuals in the centre.




Leaflet Development

Above: The other side of the flyer – a poster of tiles for people to take home.


Leaflet Development 2

Above: The flyer folded up again, you can fold across the tiles to your favourites.

And here are the photographs of the printed version using tiles the graphics students have designed …

Leaflet Try-Out 3 Leaflet Try-Out Leaflet Try-Out 4 Leaflet Try-Out 2

For the pitch on Monday, we will have printed out a number of flyers for the panel to look through whilst we present our proposal. These will be again full of tiles we have designed ourselves. The tiles include colours, patterns and symbols from Brazil and their football teams.


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