Interior Design Developments

Tammi has been working on the plans and sections, and Danielle has been doing some visuals to help show our concept thoroughly.

Here are the plans showing the tiles …

Ground Floor

Plan G


First Floor

Plan 1st



Second Floor

Plan 2nd

Third Floor

Plan 3rd

Fourth Floor

Plan 4th

Here are the plans showing way finding …

Ground Floor

Way Finding G

First Floor

Way Finding 1st

Second Floor
Way Finding 2ndThird Floor

Way Finding 3rd

Fourth Floor

Way Finding 4th

And a Ground Floor plan showing the cathedral structure …

Including Cathedral Structure


Section 2

Visuals by Danielle:


Above: Ground Floor looking up towards the other floors.


Above: Stairs – the risers are covered with tiles.


Above: Looking from the balconies down to the cathedral structure, with tiles covering the wasted spaces either sides of the staircases.

04Above: Looking at the end space with the pillar being filled with tiles.


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