Rehearsal Pitch

This morning our group had our rehearsal pitch to our tutors, and it was an absolute success!

There were a number of comments made with regards to the plans – they should be put onto one page so we get to the section and visuals of the scheme faster because these really do sell the idea.

It was such a relief that all the tutors really love our idea and the work we have produced so far.

On Monday, we have the final pitch which is to all of our tutors and John O’Shea from the Football Museum – which is very nerve racking but also extremely exciting!!!

Over the weekend, we need to polish up the presentation a bit more (although this won’t take long at all!), get information cards sorted and printed and print more of the flyers Heidi prototype-d for today.

Unfortunately, the tutors said that they didn’t really need to see the model because the visuals and everything else did the idea justice, but great we made one anyway. I suggested to the group that I make a model of the cathedral structure for Monday, however I’m not sure how that will go.


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