New Model

This weekend, I have been working on a new model which solely focuses on the cathedral structure on the Ground Floor of the museum.

Here are some photographs on the progress of this new model …

image (1)

Above: I have used a small piece of thick board and covered it in the same way as my previous models to show the tiles on the Ground Floor. The white foam board is the structure in which i will be using to show the Ground Floor ceiling, but so you can also see within the cathedral structure.

image (2)

Above: Holding up the ceiling structure, hopefully this will be how it looks after I have made some wall structures to hold it up. The black foam board at the end represents the First and Second floors of the museum.

image (4)

Above: This is the build up of white lace I have used to represent the white cotton which would be used to make the cathedral structure.

image (5)

Above: The final model !

image (7)

Above: A lower view of the final model !

I am quite pleased with this model because it shows more of our concept than the much larger model as this really homes in on the most important features of the idea.


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