Banner Design Progress

Today, we have spent the majority of the day figuring out a banner for the exhibition on Thursday evening – they need to be printed tomorrow so a lot of pressure !!

Heidi has been working on the flyers – making 10 with different tiles. We have bought some good cartridge paper to go with them, so that’s another job for tomorrow – printing and folding flyers.

Josh has been making / finalising tiles for the flyers and helping me with the layout of the banner.

Here are some of my developments from today …

Banner 1 - Starting Point



Above: Initial layout – thinking about inspiration and showing the tiles we designed ourselves …


Banner 2 - before change of text box width

Above: The initial layout with the visuals added and more text.

Our tutors then gave us some new guidelines for the banner – text boxes need to be 105mm max width, which really threw us off guard with the layout because we quite liked the way we had everything set out.

Banner 3 - New Text Width

Above: New text box widths made to the text … And other criteria, like tracking and font etc were also changed.


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