Presentation to Executives / Directors

This morning, along with another four groups, our group went back to the National Football Museum to re-present our pitches to the Director of the Museum, Kevin Moore and to a number of other important “high-up” people from the Museum.



Above: Setting up for the presentations.




Above: Panorama of the fourth floor – where we presented !



Above: Kevin Moore thanking us all for coming and presenting to us our ideas for the Museum.

As we were the last group to present, it was quite a tense experience for us all – going over in our heads of our lines – but we did find it quite helpful … We saw that the groups before us didn’t smile that much – probably due to the amount of nerves – so we made sure to smile as much as possible! We were extremely relieved that our presentation went very well, and they loved our concept – simple, yet could make a massive impact.

After the presentations, our group made sure to stick around and speak to John O’Shea and the director to get some more feedback. John made comment that had we been proposing our idea six months ago, they would have made sure it was realised and installed within the National Football Museum ready for the first day of the World Cup in Brazil. Shocked, and flattered, he went on to ask how we would go about making our idea work on a smaller scale that what we proposed and explained that we would have to source some tiles – which would be relatively cheap done in bulk.

We were able to network with the “high-end” people that were there to listen in on the presentation and got the email address of the Coordinator of Outreach for the University as she was keen to get the local schools involved. She explained to us that it would be relatively simple to get the local school children involved – send out packs to the schools and all they have to do is make sure each child creates there own tile design, and makes it for us for the teachers to send back for us to place around the Museum – similar to how Athos Bulcao worked with his craftsmen.

An amazing result, from something very nerve-racking, but a very valuable experience nonetheless.


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