Unit X Reflection

As Unit X is now over, and the final presentations have been done, I have decided to evaluate the last three weeks of Unit X (similarly to what I did for the first three weeks of the Unit).

Our final proposal for the project is a true design solution for the brief we were given – enabling the visitors to the National Football Museum a true experience of Brazil through the use of mixed media tiles and a grand white cotton structure.

Our creative processes as a group were split between Interior and Graphic designers, so was a great experience to learn from each other about the various ways in which you can produce the required material. Flyers, posters, banners and promotional material was created by the Graphic Design students as they have a better understanding in that field (but also had the creative input from us Interior Designers as well), and we (Interior Designers) produced the necessary plans, sections, models and visuals as supporting professional work for the space.

By working in a team across different types of design, it enabled us all to learn from each other – about the various work we do – and to also fulfill the design brief so the proposal was ready to be made and go out to the public.

Following previous feedbacks from group work, it was necessary to further engage with the given group to meet the design requirements from real-life clients. I have definitely learned more about working in a team, which will ultimately help me in the future with employment in the design industry and opens me up to more design collaborations.

I think I have directly and successfully responded to the feedback from previous group projects in that I have fully engaged throughout the three weeks of this project – attending every development day, tutorial, pitch, presentation, idea generating workshops and group meetings.

The project has been extremely successful because we have been able to use such a simple idea in such an effective way. Some of the groups I feel have slightly over-complicated the design brief, or perhaps taken a more intense and complicated concept. I am very pleased with the overall result of this project – the Directors at the National Football Museum were taken a-back by our idea, and I think the last three weeks have been a fantastic experience.

One of the challenges our group faced was the first week – trying to generate ideas whilst not knowing each other – but this could have perhaps added to the fun of the Unit. As a group, the more we thought about possible ideas and outcomes, we were able to push past the initial awkward encounters and successfully produce a professional and coherent proposal.


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