My Timeline; Process

Today, I have spent a lot of time working on my Timeline, which is one of the tasks we have been asked to complete before we start our third year next Monday.


An Outline of Timeline Ideas

Something that has had a big affect on my summer this year, is that time is extremely precious. With both family and friends, I have spent as much time with them all as possible …

On that basis, I have decided to present my Timeline as a concertina book (made out of cartridge paper so it’s thicker than ordinary printer paper), but within a square box which opens up to reveal the Timeline of my summer. The box will also be covered with some materials I have picked up and used over the summer, to add to the “delicate” feel of it.

With this in mind, I also needed to decide how exactly I was to measure time over this summer.

I didn’t want my Timeline to just outline what I have done this summer, in terms of activities, holidays and working etc, I wanted to think out-of-the-box and try something a little different.

I am going to measure the time in terms of emotions. So for every big event which occurs this summer, I will make a graph-like graphic in which to rate it by the emotions felt. For example, I would have been in worse moods working full-time, than spending time doing various activities with friends – which is normally happy – and therefore high on the graph.


Here are some photographs of the box I have decided to use, and a mock-up of how the book should hopefully work …



Above: The square box in its original state. Size; 7cm x 7cm …


Above: The Box and lid …



Above: A mock-up of the concertina book opening from inside the box.

The bulk of today was working out a layout in Adobe InDesign in which shows the various months, and weeks in relation to emotions …

IMG_6917 (2)

Above: A sneak preview of the layout I have decided on …

I am really pleased with the level and amount of work I have been able to do today, so all that is left to do is cover the box in a material I will decide on tomorrow, and start to properly assemble the book and box it together.


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