Arrival Points and Thresholds

How do we entice people into a store?

How do we attract people to keep exploring through the space from the moment they step through the threshold?

What design solution can carry through from the street to the store’s interior?

All of the above questions I hope to answer by exploring the the ways in which we can draw people in to retail spaces from the street through model making and experimentation. I have been documenting my little models which may or may not be implemented into my design. Nonetheless, it is important for me to experiment at this point with model making to understand the building I am dealing with, and see what – if anything – there is I can do to enhance the visual quality of the building to inevitably draw people in.

Arrival Points ~ Where do people enter? How can they be drawn in?

Thresholds ~ When people come through the door -stepping through the “threshold”, what sort of space are they faced with? How can this space keep enticing them?

Here are a few of my experiments:

IMG_7722 (2) IMG_7728 (2) IMG_7733 (2) IMG_7674 (2) IMG_7685 (2) IMG_7691 (2) IMG_7708 (2) IMG_7687 (2)IMG_7750 (2) IMG_7741 (2) IMG_7734 (2)

The building I am using is slightly set back from the set of buildings along the rest of the street, so something definitely needs to be in the middle of the street to attract attention from either ends to people are intrigued to see what is going on.

I have asked a few people to see what would attract them to a certain building or shop along a street, and they suggested something colourful, reflective or different from any of the others – such as curves or circles which would act as antithesis to the other rectangular buildings.


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