Personal Development Tutorial

Before the Christmas holidays, I received a formative grade for the work I had completed between September and December.

Following this, we have all had a one-2-one Personal Development Tutorial with our tutors which I really felt I needed. To explain a few things in more detail and to help me get back on track with my Final Major Project (before Christmas I really didn’t understand in myself what sort of space I wanted to design).

Some of the most important points from the tutorial to help my project develop, are:

  • Focus on the communication and translation of the work, and move on from being just a researcher
  • It is clear that you are overwhelmed with research, trying to tick our boxes
  • Look at the philosophy of the fashion designers you have chosen, understand what you are exhibiting better, then response in a retail environment. Why have you put those designers together? Are they the right designers?
  • Don’t take inspiration from other retail – look at exhibitions and events and knit them together to come up with something new in retail
  • Understand who is going to be in the space – do you need to make contact with the designers to get a better understanding?
  • However, it does not need to be all about the designers, it could be a revolutionary space instead, for example, 3 designers (that take up residency for 3 months – 5 years) and various exhibition points, or, much more like an art gallery and then exhibition and catwalk for them

The tutorial also provided a good opportunity to address my next steps before we start planning next week:

  1. Decide what the space is an be firm on your decision
  2. Abandon the research
  3. Get stuck in … Model making, drawing etc
  4. Bubble diagrams so you’re ready to start properly planning in the next two weeks
  5. Make images to really show what the space is:
  • Don’t be too literal, use the space as a metaphor
  • Don’t label the spaces “catwalk space” etc, be more poetic to give yourself more visual clues to design with

The main point of the tutorial for me was that we have now been given the rest of the week to re-orientate ourselves and get our heads back into this project. Specifically, I need to pause, reflect, re-evaluate, re-frame and re-define the brief of my project and get out of the books.

In addition to our Final Major Projects (FMP), we have a unit called “Unit X” which starts to become introduced to us alongside the FMP. This came up in my tutorial and a few ideas, or should I say good suggestions, were discussed.

  • Keeping along the same lines as the FMP, retail, I could get involved in helping the Fashion students design their graduate Fashion Show which would be a great live project for me
  • Pieces of writing could be produced, like strategy or guidelines

This tutorial was extremely important and I think a lot of valid points were discussed in depth which will now help me re-orientate myself, and my project, this week.

What was really addressed in the tutorial, were my strengths and weaknesses which was hard to hear, but also something I needed to hear too. One of my strengths is articulating myself well through writing, which I think I need to do more of, so I will try this term to be up to date with this blog so that also helps me to reflect on my work maybe weekly or fortnightly as well as practicing my writing skills.

However, my weakness is being indecisive. I would have been graded higher, if it were for firmly deciding and communicating what space I intend to design.

Finally, I was asked an extremely important question, “what do you think you might like to do after you graduate?”

Honestly? I don’t know.

I always thought I knew what I wanted to do after Uni (work as an interior designer as part of an international architect’s firm), however in preparation of this tutorial and re-thinking things over the Christmas break, I became more and more unsure. Or should I say, unsettled with my previous ambition.

As my indecisiveness became more and more clear through my work last term, so did my thoughts on whether or not I am suited to making big design decisions, let’s say, in a design firm after I graduate. And so by thinking of my strengths and what I have been good at (writing, organisation etc), Fashion Event Planning and Design seems to be an extremely good option for me as I have an appreciation for Fashion and a good understanding of consumerism … So this could be something to consider as an alternative, should I decide (hahaa, really?) that I want to work in a design studio.


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