Re-Defining My Brief

I have made a decision (I know, this is really big for me!) But I have done it. I have pinned down exactly what my Final Major Project (FMP) is going to be about. Finally!

From my original research and keen interest in the different angles of consumerism, I really want to respond to the change in how people shop, in Manchester. People are using shops as showrooms to try-on what they would like to buy, before going home and purchasing online. There has been such a decline in the quantity of occupied shop units in Manchester (particularly on King Street) and so it would only be right to base my FMP in this particular area, with the hope of revitalising the street and attracting more people there to shop with my concept.

I want to design a revolutionary space. Not just a retail space like I originally envisioned, because I believe retail should be about more than just selling. It is about engaging. Enticing. And trapping people in the experience of a brand which comes right from their product launches and fashion shows. But it is also about the designers of the products or garments being sold. The shop in which these products are sold is in reality such a small percentage of the whole process from design to enjoyment of consumers. And it is that journey I would really like to design in my space.

Not only will this be a great space for the designers to design and bring together all of their work, but it will also be a space for consumers to experience shopping in a completely different way (I should add, this is not the main focus of my FMP despite my extensive research on this particular area).

To clarify further, this project is about the journey from initial designing to selling the product or garment to the public. It is about residency – giving new designers a space in which to work and build their brand. It is also about the events which go hand in hand with this process – photoshoots, product launches, award ceremonies, fashion shows, and anything in between.

I have chosen to have two buildings along King Street which will enable me to separate the journey of the designer and their process of building their brand, from the selling of their final work to the general public. However this does still allow the public to really engage and enjoy the journey of up-coming brands.

My new Schedule of Accommodation really explains how I intend to set this all out within my two buildings…

Main Location (35 King Street, the existing Jack Wills store) :

  • Designer Residency (12 months – 5 years)
  • Dynamic Events
  • Exhibition of the Designers in Residence (Art gallery)

Secondary Location (13-15 King Street, currently under re-furbishment, was Monsoon) :

  • Main Retail for the current designers in residence

The space will be about celebrating young designers and their journey to success.


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