My Final Brief

Following on from yesterday’s post, I must finalise my brief into a readable format. What, Who, Where and Why.

You must be firm on your concept and overall brief because if you’re not, your whole project could fall apart.

My Final Brief:

  • What

I intend to design a young designer residency which harnesses their journey to success. A large part of this are the various events which will showcase their work to the general public. The designers may not have physical stores, nor an online presence of selling their products, so it is within this expanse that allows them to build their brand successfully, season after season and present it to the public.

  • Who

Young designers and consumers.

  • Where

King Street, Manchester. I have two buildings along the street; 35 (which is the existing Jack Wills store), and 13-15 (currently unoccupied, was Monsoon) This separates the journey of the brands and the exhibition of the final pieces.

  • Why

I intend to design this revolutionary space in order to give the general public a new insight to the journey of emerging designers and also give them access to events which would not normally be open to the public. This in turn responds to the decrease in occupied units along King Street, by allowing consumers to get involved with the experience of emerging brands and “show-room” their products. It is with this that I hope to revitalise this area of consumption in Manchester.

Schedule of Accommodation:

35 King Street (Larger Location) :

  • Emerging Designer Residency (12 months – 3 years)
  • Re-configurative Exhibition / Event (to incl. back room for staff, staff quarters, cafe/bar and toilets)

13-15 King Street (Smaller Location) :

  • Retail Store for the Designers in Residence (to incl. stock room and staff quarters)

Side Note: I will design for one upcoming season (AW15), but show how the space can adapt and change according to the new seasons.


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