Nonotak Studios, Isotopes v.2

Nonotak Studio is the collaboration of illustrator Noemi Schipfer and the architect musician Takami Nakamoto. Together, the pair create light and sound installations which create a completely immersive and ethereal environments which hope to captivate the viewer. Their installations have been exhibited worldwide since 2013, when they first started to experiment with the different affects sound and visual can make. The particular installation I would like to focus on for this precedent study is called, “Isotopes v.2”.

The installation hypnotises its visitors with its moving lights to draw them into the centre of the space. Gradually, the rhythm and intensity of the lights increases until they are so aggressive that immaterial barriers are produced. The installation allures you into the middle, but does not allow you to leave – you have no choice but to experience the traumatic environment.

The inspiration for this project came from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The purpose for this installation is to trap people in an unstable situation – similar to that of the disaster. Ultimately, it echoes the way people experience a nuclear disaster, hence making the visitors more aware of their acuteness.

Nonotak Studio says that, “This point of no return reflects the brutality of this evolving world that surrounds us, replacing any individual’s existence into fiction.”

Having watched the video they have put together of the whole experience (you can view this HERE), it is clear that the concept has been executed with the greatest expertise. Of course, it is nothing like being stood in the centre of the installation in reality, but nevertheless it makes you feel completely mesmerised by the rhythm and combination of the lights and sound. From about half way through towards the end, you begin to feel fear that was intended, despite not personally having a connection with the disaster. Nonetheless, you feel completely trapped within the constant change of lighting effects that can only be described as a light prison.

In addition to looking at the execution of the concept, it is also important to look at how this installation has affected the physical space around it. Being exhibited at the Mapping Festival in Geneva, the only connection the installation has with the physical room is the array of metal suspended from the ceiling to create a grid-like formation by which the lighting can be incorporated.

I have analysed this installation by Nonotak Studios because I have had an interest in how light and shadows can be played with to create a certain atmosphere within a space. It is this that I would like to experiment with in my project, and the studios experimentation with light and sound was a worthwhile source of inspiration. The experience from this combination of art mediums is extremely captivating for the viewer in that they become completely immersed in a whole new form of environment. The light prison that is created from this installation is an example of how people can be kept within a space hypnotised by the experience presented to them.

Nonotak 04 Nonotak 03 Nonotak 02 Nonotak




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