Accessories Designer: Anastasia Komarova

Anastasia Komarova is an architect by trade with a passion for crafting handbags. She wanted to translate her craft into something tangible and full of texture. To start with, it was only a hobby but with fantastic feedback, she has taken it more seriously by naming her brand Forms.

Taking inspiration from Le Corbusier and other buildings that influence texture, her recent collection shows a wide variety of geometric shapes and colours. The handbags are not there just to look good, they are also extremely practical.

Komarova says, “The main idea is the play, which gives you the ability to wear one bag in different ways. You can manage the way the bag looks according to your current mood and situation. It can be an ongoing process that will allow you to explore new possibilities of how your bags can look like.”

I have chosen to add this designer to my residency project because I believe it will add a new dynamic to the whole project. All of the designers link in that they take inspirations from architectural and geometric structures but they represent this in different mediums of fashion which I think is particularly interesting.

Anastasia 03Anastasia 07Anastasia 02Anastasia 01Anastasia 05Anastasia 06Anastasia 04




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