Selecting Residency Designers

I have now fully decided on my final brief, and I have researched and analysed a number of other projects in and around the area of interior and spatial design. In order to fully prepare myself for starting University on Monday, I must decide on the emerging designers I would like to feature in my Final Major Project (FMP).

The designers I previously selected for my project when it was based purely around Retail, were Mary Katrantzou Julia Korol and Damien Fredriksen Ravn whom were all taking inspiration from architectural backgrounds. I would like to find new designers because I feel the ones I have selected (particularly Katratzou and Korol) have already made themselves well known in the industry. Hence, I would like to find designers which many people may not have previously heard of and not featured in any Fashion Weeks yet.

Ideally, I would like to find a selection of designers that bring something new to the table. By having a good mission statement and clear direction. Also, by not necessarily having an online presence in terms of selling their collections, or have only just ventured into the world of online shopping.

I have decided that I would like to have a wide variety of designers in residence of my project. For example, womenswear designer, menswear and accessories. I believe that this will bring more depth to the final space and enable events and the like to be a lot more versatile.


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