Womenswear Designer: Elena Bobysheva

Chicago based designer Elena Bobysheva absorbs herself in geometry and architecture to define her emerging ready-to-wear womenswear brand. Focusing on fashion business management in college in Chicago, she then moved to Florence to pursue a second major in fashion design.

The new Spring/Summer 15 collection is full of dynamic cuts and clean cut pleats form a beautiful silhouette. Monochrome with a punch of neon colours makes the collection emphasises the brand’s aesthetic.

Whilst speaking to TheEmergingDesigner.com, Elena Bobysheva said, “The shapes organically evolved through sketches and fittings and the focus for Spring/Summer 15 became asymmetry; clean, sharp, geometric lines; and pleating, which I touched upon in a past collection but wanted to explore further. I also made it a personal goal to incorporate colour this season because my previous collections were mostly monochromatic.”

Interestingly, the brand’s mission statement explains how Bobysheva intends to “build a long-term sustainable and cruelty-free modern ready-to-wear company by infrastructuring an in-house cut-to-order business to maintain the quality and proper dressmaking techniques.” The emphasis on sustainability is clear by the extent the company goes to; branded boxes are made of recyclable material and are reusable and bio-degradable, and the tags on the clothing are made from letter-pressed 100% cotton, tree free paper. The most important and strictest policy of all is that they will never use real leather, original skins, or fur in any of their collections. They go so far as to say that the collections will never be featured together in collaborations containing fur coats, garments or accessories.

Bobysheva has only recently launched her online shop last month, where you can purchase pieces from the new SS15 collection. This particular emerging designer will be perfect in taking up residency in my space because the brand is only just beginning to surface in the fashion industry, and so this would be a great opportunity for taking Europe by storm and getting involved in all of the events that will be available.

Elena 05 Elena 04 Elena 03 Elena 02 Elena 01










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