Menswear Brand: Orphan Bird

Orphan Bird is a collaborative clothing brand, founded in 2012 by Italian designer, Ciro Supine and a Swedish photographer/visual artist, Sara Lohman. Together from different cultural backgrounds they are able to design and create a unique label full of aesthetic quality.

Their brand’s philosophy is “to create timeless elegance with a retrofuturistic twist.” They do not want to create something “on-trend”, rather unconventional garments that accompany their own natural shape. They prioritise tailoring from traditional backgrounds and “strive to constantly experiment with the essence of individuality.” The label combines Scandinavian aesthetic with Italian tailoring.

The minimal yet boxy silhouettes, created for both men and women, and accessories take inspiration from mainly the designer’s cultural backgrounds but you can also see elements of modern architecture coming through too. Their signature pieces are coats and jackets that are simple yet dramatic. The collections are monochromatic with the slightest hint of creams and greys.

Although this brand designs for both men and women, I have chosen them because all of their pieces are exciting and bring something new to your perceptions of traditional tailoring whilst using minimal colour and taking inspiration from modern architecture. They constantly challenge modern-day tailoring using the finest quality materials, which in my opinion is extremely important.

SS15 Delineation by Orphan BirdSS15 Delineation by Orphan Bird AW15/16 Maze  AW15/16 Maze




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