My Design Manifesto

My personal design manifesto expresses my intentions as a designer. Written before I embarked on my final year at university, it was an excellent way for me to explain who I really am – and want to be – as a designer.

It was important for me to write, and present, my manifesto appropriately because it has not only helped me to express myself ready for my last year at University, but also for my future beyond that.

My Design Manifesto:

I am a designer. A thinker and writer. I am responsible for creating the human sensations an interior can evoke. I am passionate about quality and detail. I believe textures should be felt without having to physically touch them. I am interested in consumerism and sustainability. I am concerned about the environment. I am relaxed by green spaces, but stressed by cities. I like clean lines and straight edges. I like bright colours, in moderation.


I have presented my Design Manifesto with an orange background as this shows how I like to use bright colours – particularly orange. It does state in my manifesto that it is only in moderation, however for the purpose of presenting this, I wanted to make a statement and I believe that this was the correct way for me to do so. The large exclamation mark is also representing the statement I wanted to make and I think I have done this successfully.



Having written this design manifesto over six months ago now, I think it is the right time to reflect on it. Have I stuck to my original words?

One way or the other, I think I have written a lot about my final major project. Whether that is on this blog reflecting on the research I have done for various aspects of the design, or reflecting on feedback and my next steps as a designer, I feel I have been successful on this particular aspect of my manifesto.

An aspect of my design manifesto I believe I need to work more closely on is the quality of the materials I am using within my scheme. Also, I don’t think I have been as successful at making the interior of my project evoke the human sensations I originally intended in my manifesto, however with the last unit of this year beginning to make an appearance, I see incredible potential to improve this.

With the monochromatic brands I have selected for my final major project, I firmly believe they act as a “blank canvas” for my scheme to have a bright colour make an impact. Just like the brands themselves can stand alone with their monochrome and geometric lines and materials, they need an interior to make them come alive, and I believe that with my moderations of bright colours, they can firmly do so.


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