Site Visit: 35 King Street, Manchester

35 King Street, the existing Jack Wills store in Manchester, is the main building I have chosen to use for my Final Major Project. I believe it is imperative for me to analyse this building in order to find out everything I possibly can to successfully use it for my hypothetical project.

Here are some photographs of the building and its current interior I have taken …

Entrance Flooring:

5 (2)

6 (2)Ground Floor Existing Spaces:

3 (2)

1 (2)

17 (2)

First Floor Existing Central Space:

7 (2)

19 (2)

Looking back on the Stairs on the First Floor:

10 (2)First Floor Existing Spaces:

11 (2)

12 (2)

First Floor Flooring:

20 (2)

First Floor Detailing:

21 (2)

22 (2)

34 (2)

35 (2)

Existing First Floor Space within the Glass Extension:

14 (2)

13 (2)

Building from the Rear (Most Recent Addition):

36 (2)

Existing Front (Original, dating back to the 1736):

37 (2)

Original Brick Detail:

39 (2)

From the Manchester Planning portal, I was able to gain access to a Heritage statement of the building which outlines a variety of useful information that I think is extremely important to me. Here are some of the main points which are most useful…

King Street itself was pedestrianised in 1976 and has a strong individual character which is from the tight arrangement of buildings along the street, which are all different architectural styles and ages.

Interestingly, 35 King Street is the oldest building on King Street which was built for Dr Peter Mainwaring in 1736 whom lived there for roughly 50 years before it was converted into a bank. It remained a bank until 1993 before being made suitable for retail use in 1996.

By the end of the 19th century, King Street was no longer a fashionable residential area, but of a commercial area full of banks and insurance buildings.

Architectural Interests:

Flemish bond brick, with sandstone dressings and a hipped slate roof. There is a strong Georgian character with symmetrical front elevation of five bays and original doorway with pedimented architrave.

All of the information I have stated above will subsequently inform my final major project substantially with respect to the existing materials and previous occupants.


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