The Saatchi Gallery, London

When I had a few days spare, I visited London to visit some galleries and gain some valuable inspiration for my major project. One of the galleries I visited was the iconic Saatchi Gallery on King’s Road in Chelsea. Having previously been to the gallery a number of years ago and appreciated the impressive setting then, I was eager to re-visit the gallery with a new view-point – as a designer.

Here are some photographs of the gallery itself…

IMG_9327 (2)

IMG_9328 (2)

IMG_9330 (2)

IMG_9352 (2)

IMG_9357 (2)

IMG_9362 (2)

IMG_9363 (2)

IMG_9364 (2)

IMG_9367 (2)

The materiality of the Saatchi Gallery is modern but respects the mature building it is set within which I believe has worked successfully for the gallery. However, some of the attention to detail needs a lot more refinement.

The contrast from the new staircase to the much older (and original) in the back are great to see, but with so much of the gallery being modern and fairly recently updated, much of the character in the gallery has been sadly lost.

IMG_9396 (2)

Here are some of the pieces I found most inspiring at the Saatchi ..

IMG_9331 (2)

IMG_9332 (2)

IMG_9337 (2)

IMG_9359 (2)

A variety of textures seemed to be exhibited at first which then developed into more abstract sculptures which included household items hanging from the ceiling. I did not take inspiration from everything in the gallery (like some of the more abstract modern art), however it was refreshing to experience some new approaches to textures which reflected the urban environment and this particular last image of architectural graphics.

The Saatchi Gallery was relevant to visit for my major project because having an exhibition as part of my scheme should not be ignored and so by experiencing this gallery and how they arrange their exhibits has definitely been of value to me and my project. Additionally, as the exhibitions are hosted in a fairly old building, like that of my project, it was especially important for me to experience the thresholds and touch points throughout where you could feel the age of the building rather than the new add-ons.


2 thoughts on “The Saatchi Gallery, London

  1. What I love about London is that they so succesfully manage to combine the old with the new, with respect to the history of an area. This is again such an example. I think that many cities in the world can learn from this.

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