Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery, London

Whilst I was in London, I was captivated by a recent discovery I made… The Gagosian Gallery on Britannia Street near King’s Cross. The current artist exhibiting was Richard Serra; an artist specialising in minimalist sculpture.

I was intrigued to have a closer look at his work because of the connections his pieces have with architecture and urban textures. Broadening my horizons in the field of art and design – whether that be contemporary art or classical – has always been a way for me to be inspired and pause any work that I may be working on at the time, to re-focus. It is always refreshing for me to draw inspiration from other outlets in art and design – such as sculpture.

The gallery itself, is nicely tucked away from the hustle and bustle, with a sensational facade (below). I love the modern materials of the entrance which contradict the rest of the exterior.


Some of my photographs from the exhibition:




And of the staircase …


I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition because the pieces remind me of the urban environment which I have been so interested in for many years now. The textures Serra has portrayed have been executed greatly and reflects his intentions. Using mostly steel and other metals, the size and scope of the pieces are incredible.

The most influential piece exhibited in the Gagosian was Intervals (2013), which is 24 plates of weatherproof steel (pictured below).

IMG_9264 (2)

IMG_9266 (2)

IMG_9267 (2)

The textures of the piece is most surprising … Being steel, it does nevertheless have a lot of wooden qualities.

I have chosen this piece as the most influential to me because you can fully immerse yourself in it, feeling the weight and quality of the stacks of steel lined up before you. It reminds me of how you might get lost exploring a city, or even just a shop.

I think the overall colour scheme throughout Serra’s collections are too monochromatic, but I do see how this does reflect the artist’s intentions.

It was this piece to inspire my floor-to-ceiling partitions in my scheme with the hope of trying to trap or let the users lose themselves within the journey of the brands. However, the materiality of these partitions I would like to reflect those of the brands being exhibited.


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