Dover Street Market, London

Whilst I was in London last month, I also visited Dover Street Market to experience how Commes des Garcons have displayed their products that they sell and see how successful – or not – this has been.

Here are some of my photographs from my visit…

IMG_9230 (2)

IMG_9229 (2)

IMG_9226 (2)

IMG_9221 (2)

IMG_9220 (2)

IMG_9216 (2)

IMG_9215 (2)

On every floor there was something completely different going on in each space which reflected the garments on display there. It was fascinating to see the different ways of exhibiting the merchandise which changed on every floor. In addition to this, it was particularly interesting to see how some of the installations on the ceilings had an overall effect on the surrounding garments that were being exhibited which would reflect the type of products. For example, the third photograph shows an installation that was above a massive jewellery display and this successfully reflects the pieces within.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the space in Dover Street Market because generally speaking the displays of the garments successfully draws you closer to them and adds to the overall experience of the spaces. However, there were a few areas (ground and first floors especially) that were a little “out there” in terms of enticing people in – they did not attract me to feel the clothes, but I can see how they have demonstrated the designer wear on show within the space.


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