Site Visit, Cheltenham

When I went home one weekend last month, I went to visit a close relative’s new apartment that they have recently bought. Situated in one of the most expensive areas (in terms of property) of Cheltenham, Montpellier, I was intrigued to see how their project was coming together. They have planned to completely re-design the apartment and alter the layout of the bathroom and kitchen (as this was a rather awkward arrangement which wasn’t taking advantage of the space available).

Being a Grade II listed building since 1955, this project has had to adhere to a variety of regulations. These include; panelled shutters on all windows, and the entire exterior front porch. The House is among another four distinct villas in the area that form part of the estate laid out for James Fisher that dates back to the 1800s.

Here are some of my photographs and observations …

IMG_9514 (2)

Above shows the original shutters which are to remain in place on all front-facing windows.

IMG_9512 (2)

IMG_9513 (2)

The above shows the original texture of one wall within the apartment, this was not an original to date back to the 1800s, but a more recent addition to the building which needed to be knocked down for the re-arrangement of the bathroom and kitchen.IMG_9518 (2)IMG_9520 (2)

What was particularly interesting to examine was the differences in depths underneath the original floorboards (shown above). Perhaps there are significant changes in floor depths in the main building I have chosen to use for my project… This is something to look further into.IMG_9496 (2)IMG_9498 (2)IMG_9500 (2) IMG_9503 (2)

Part of the wall that got knocked down was attached to an original wall and was difficult to not encroach into. However, the above photographs have given me a huge insight as to how the walls in buildings built in the 1800s would have been made from, and how they are fixed together. It was interesting to see that they used a lot of horse hair in mortar to keep the walls stable.

This site visit was extremely relevant to my final major project because of the connection to the main building of my scheme, and I needed to obtain the information and experience of this site visit in order to successfully fulfil my major project brief.


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