Bureau Betak

As the final year at university has progressed, and my major project has developed into being about the fashion events that go hand in hand with the journeys of upcoming brands, I have taken a huge interest in the companies that design and plan fashion shows. With London, Paris, New York and Milan fashion weeks having taken place in the last three months, I have kept a very close eye on the production teams which have been so involved with the making of each show.

One of the companies that has captured my attention early on is Bureau Betak, which was founded by Alexandre de Betak in the early 90’s with the intent of changing mere fashion shows into multi-sensory events.

The below photographs show some of the company’s most recent projects:

Bureau Betak - Jason Wu
Jason Wu FW15
Bureau Betak - Jason Wu FW15
Jason Wu FW15
Bureau Betak - Isabel Marant 2
Isabel Marant
Bureau Betak - Isabel Marant
Isabel Marant
Dior Couture
Dior Couture
Dior Couture
Dior Couture
Dior Couture
Dior Couture

The company is based in New York, Paris and Shanghai, however the company would suit what I would like to do after university incredibly well. The organisation and production of such fashion events would be an incredible opportunity.

I would say I need to look for something more connected to interior design, however I believe the production and design of fashion shows should be influenced from an interiors background. There are many connections within companies like Bureau Betak to interior design, such as the design and implementation of concepts into a physical environment, that make them the perfect place of employment for me (in my opinion).

Not only have I been keeping up with Bureau Betak, but I have been using the company and its various events as inspiration for my final major project as they have been involved with over 600 fashion shows – all of which have some sort of new sensory experience for its viewers. In my opinion, this company will be of great importance for my last Unit – Unit X – where I will start to fully design and organise the fashion events that will take place within my scheme.

Images and Reference: http://blog.bureaubetak.com


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