Welcome Back!

Hi WordPress – it’s great to see you again!

I had a post all written out just under two years ago when I had “settled” into my first design job in London (yes, that has actually happened! – I’ve made it into the design industry, yay!) but as always… Life gets pretty hectic from time to time and focusing on progressing in my career has kind of got in the way of blogging about it!

So let’s have a quick catch up…

I’ve been working for a Global Design Agency in London for the last two years, I joined as an Intern working on the Aston Martin Global Retail Programme (rolling out the showroom Corporate Identity globally) for 3 months. This internship was extended to a total of 5 months, until I then became a Junior 3D Creative on the Rolls-Royce team.

Then, for the last 18 months I have been working on some of the most phenomenal projects for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. I feel truly privileged to have been able to have even played a small part in the design of them, and when I say it has been an experience… It has honestly been one of the most eye opening and fantastic experiences I have ever had.

BUT. Back to blogging. And back to NOW.

I have made some big changes to my life so far this year… Both personally and now professionally. And I look forward to sharing that all with you as I begin blogging again!

It really is an exciting time because I have a lot lined up for posts already – specific to recent design projects I have seen – and I am dying to share my views on them.

I have lots of other design related news to share with you though, including the projects I have worked on over the last two years in the industry, some personal experiences like a trip to a perfect French town for my 21st birthday and some interview / job application tips!

That’s all for now… But I will be back soon!


J-H x


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