I’m Jess and I have recently finished my degree in Interior Design at the Manchester School of Art. I have lived and breathed the design course and I believe that this has really set me up for the real-world and succeeding in the industry. I am so excited to make this a life-long career now!

The original purpose of this blog was to use it as a new outlet for me to clarify areas of my University work that I struggled to make decisions on. By writing, and talking through my ideas with close family and friends, I have managed to overcome these struggles and really improve my decision making.

So… What is the purpose of it now?

Good question.

I think as a designer, it is important to blog as many of the skills needed to keep up-to-date and write original content is similar to that of a project in the industry. That’s what this blog is – a project. A new project of mine where I can reflect upon new design and architecture proposals I find and share my passion for these industries.

I also like to write about recent exhibitions I have been to, site visits and anything that I feel will be of interest to you.

While this is also about writing, I am constantly finding inspiration for my practice that is mainly just imagery … And that is why I like to keep it separate, and on an imagery platform over here – so go check that out on Tumblr!

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