Hello and Welcome to my Design Bog!

I’m Jess and I have been working for a Global Design Agency called Imagination in London for the last two years as a 3D Creative. I’ve been working on some incredible projects for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Aston Martin and this is where my passion for Luxury Design as really taken ahold.

I graduated with a First Class degree in Interior Design at the Manchester School of Art and the original purpose of this blog was to use it as a new outlet for me to clarify areas of my University work that I struggled to make decisions on. By writing, and talking through my ideas with close family and friends, I have managed to overcome these struggles and really improve my decision making so wanted to voice those Design thoughts on here.

Now that I am a designer working in the real world, I am constantly reading and referencing previous projects in order to move the design work I do forward. It’s extremely important for us designers to reflect upon what we find most inspiring and whilst this blog is still a work-in-progress project of mine, I am hoping in the near future to share monthly and weekly inspirations of different topics.

You will also find posts about recent exhibitions I have been to, site visits and anything that I feel will be of interest to you relating to the design field.

While this is also about writing, I am constantly finding inspiration for my practice that is mainly just imagery… I do keep a Tumblr which you can find here – I will be sharing my Monthly Round-Ups of inspiration.

Thanks for visiting!


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